Registration Instructions


step 1 • register

Go to and log in to (or create) your account

step 2 • collect dna

Do not eat, drink or smoke 30 min prior

  1. Place vial standing up on flat surface. Peel open bags containing swabs and remove a swab. Unscrew vial cap.
  2. Rub swab top firmly against the inside of your cheek 15-20 times, using light pressure similar to brushing your teeth. Rotate swab tip as you are rubbing. Cover entire cheek from top to bottom and side to side.
  3. Pick up vial and hold steady in one hand. Slowly twist swab into iSWAB vial with a corkscrew motion. There will be resistance, but push swab all the way to the bottom of tube.
  4. Hold vial steady. Move swab up and down rapidly inside the tube 10-15 times without moving the swab out of the liquid.
  5. Hold vial firmly and remove swab by slowly twisting out with a corkscrew motion. Discard swab. Screw the vial cap tightly.
  6. Place vial in the biohazard bag. Do not place the swab in the biohazard bag, throw it out!

step 3 • mail test kit

Place biohazard bag in prepaid return envelope.

  • If you're in the US: use the attached return shipping label.
  • Canada & rest of the world: place return envelope in your own packaging at your preferred shipping provider. Send to the address on the return envelope.

help & tips

iSWAB instructional video